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So i got it from my buddy zach savage, he designed and cut it out on his plasma table. He built it when his daughter was younger so she could ride as well. I will get better pictures upclose of it but it pretty much works the same way as the anchor points in your car. The seatbelt style carseat latches will click into the base of the kid cage to secure the carseat to the base. The main hoop of the kid cage comes above the top of the carseat much as a regular roll cage does for the passengers inside.
Wife is home sick with a stomach bug so ive been home with my rugrat day #2. Gives me about 2 hours a day to get out in the garage when she naps. Got one down bar from the halo to the rear spreader in yesterday

71810.jpeg 71811.jpeg
Got a little progress done this week/ tonight. Windshield spreader in, got the back halo down bars fit up nice and tight and decided to try out a double B pillar. Slowly chipping away. Ran out of tube so im done for tonight. Cheers 🍻

IMG_20200522_215117_840.jpg IMG_20200522_215117_841.jpg 72047.jpeg
Didnt do much last night because i ran out of 1.75 tube. Got the windshield down bars in. They are 1 inch .120 wall dom. Made them the same angle or there about as my rear halo down bars.

Well i did a little horse trading with a guy and ended up with a running driving 2000 gmc yukon XL with 160xxx miles. Not sure quite yet what my plan is as i wasnt even considering an engine swap. May clean it up and try to sell it or i may pull the engine trans and tcase to go in the tj. Time will tell.