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youth atv laws

I have a 12 yr old and just got him a old 230 quad runner, he does pretty good with it.

I have been looking at goin to some of the parks in the area and come to find out if you are under 16ys of age you cant ride anything bigger than a 90cc quad. I can understand the saftey coures requirement, but come on.

How strict are these parks when it comes to enforcing this rule? does this go for motocycles aswell?

I think that rule is for liability sake. Everywhere i ride, i've never seen it enforced. The other weekend there was a kid who couldn't have been but 13 or so on a grizzly 660 flying around. So i wouldn't worry about. Just make sure they have the proper safety equipment and you should be fine. I was racing a blaster 200 when i was 14 and never had any problems.
Ok, Cool. Thats kinda what I thought. I just didnt want to buy or rent a trailer drive two hours just to be sent back home.

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Ive never had any form of age verification check at any of the places i ride. As long as youre not being stupid, have on a helmet and paid your fee, youre good to go. Where are you looking at going?
I was thinking carolina adventure world, but just found out about enoree trail system in the sumter national forest. I think I will have better luck at enoree rather than carolina adventure world.

Ive seen vids on youtube of enoree, the rider never sees traffic.
enoree, parsons mountain, and cedar springs are all apart of the same trail system. the $5 fee covers them all. They're fun but are closed for the season right now. CAW is alot of fun, miles and miles of trails. Durhamntown in GA is probably the best around but im kinda bias towards their mx tracks. Aonia pass mx in GA has a nice track with supposedly some good trails. They are having a GNCC race there im planning on running in in march so ill probably head down there before then to get use to the place.
True, CAW does have more technical trails.

Wish i could vouch for the track at CAW but its been closed everytime ive gone. It does look pretty sick though. Hopefully I can get on it at some point as long as the allow ATV's on them, which is usually the kicker.