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Hey everybody me n a few buddies are looking for some good trails/mud to get into in the Aiken area

PS A parts list (with model numbers) for a straight drive/mech. shift 4x4 swap on a Bronco II would be appreciated. THANKS!
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I'm not familiar with Aiken, but There are a few Parks available now in South Carolina (Gulches, Broken Nut, Quarry Town, Carolina Adventure World)

@TCBronco may have some knowledge on the Bronco II swap.
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Ah yes, the good ol A4LD... I had two 4.0 / A4LD Explorers and both transmissions were rebuilt multiple times...

I cant help you with specific parts lists, but I briefly looked into swapping one of mine to the M5OD, then started looking for a 5.0 donor, but sold them both before getting serious about it.

The first advice usually given is sell it and buy one that has a manual. Other than that I'd try to find one in a junkyard and pull everything you think you might need. But, you'll need at least transmission, clutch, flywheel, starter, pedal assembly, all linkages, and driveshafts. Possibly wiring harness and ecm.