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Windrock Sept 25-27th

We have a small group of people heading up to Windrock the weekend of sept. 25-27th. The group will likely range from 33's up to 39's. Right now I know of four rigs going. My buggy on 33's, Josh's CJ7 on 33's, Evan's YJ on 35's, and Brent's Toyota which I think is on 39's. John is also thinking about bringing his TJ on 33's.

The plan is to explore the park. In the past we have basically gone up and run rattle rock and rail trail and come home. We really want to see what else the park has to offer.

If you have suggestions for trails for the smaller tired rigs we would really appreciate it. Most of us are used to tube buggies so this is new for us. We are also open to anyone else that wants to come up. It is a great weekend for it. Clemson isn't playing so we don't have to worry about trying to watch a game.
Thats my birthday weekend and there is no Clemson game so I may very well be down for that.
Let me know. I am probably going to take a day on Friday and go up and scout a little. I think almost everyone else will be doing a half day or coming up that night. Should be a fun weekend of exploring the trails.
After the Gulches trip I really have to iron out some of the carb issues with the Sami. It ran good but as soon as it tipped driver side it would flood out and any big inclines I would stall out at the top of them. Not a good recipe for the hills at windrock and with a bigger group. Would make for a lot of sitting around.