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WARN Winch Restoration (Where to buy parts)

So, I contacted WARN today to see if I could find the replacement decals for my well used HS9500i. They turned me over to Winch Service Parts (www.winchserviceparts.com). Jack was very helpful and had everything I needed. They also have an exploded diagram of all WARN models on the site so you could always search for the best price if you felt the need.

Not going to claim they were cheap, for all of the decals it was around $65 to the door. I ended up getting the drum end support and the boots for the terminals since I was already paying $12 shipping. My drum support had a crack i've been trying to repair and was just not sure it was going to look real good. And, if i'm going to spend $65 to make it look good, it needs to look real good.

Paint Colors to match factory:
Martin Senour (NAPA) MS 7250 Iron/Block Cast (Nick used this an looks great)
Duplicolor Engine Enamel Cast Coat Iron (Skerb used this one and it looks good in the pictures he posted)

Thought this info may be of good use to someone down the road.
Yeah, Cole just hurt my feelings. They had everything I needed. A LOT cheaper.

I am going to try to cancel yesterdays order when this place opens. Either way, it's a good resource...