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Update on Aetna Mountain Road access

Some of you may know about Aetna Mountain in Chattanooga, TN. We rode up there in 2009 i think and had a blast. Well they have been having issues with access to the mountain for years, i think since the early 2000s. The road in was developed into a subdivision and the owners were trying to get access to the mountain shut down. A Judge had ruled that it was a PUBLIC road, but the city was still having off duty police officers patrol it and block some people from going up the mountain.

well Recently there was a ruling from a judge in Chattanooga, and the patrolling has been ordered to be stopped. So the road is back open....for now.

A long-running dispute over access to Aetna Mountain Road in Lookout Valley was revived at the City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Jeff Perlaky said a judge ruled a number of years ago that the old dirt road is a public road.

But he said he has not been able to reach his property on the mountain recently, saying it has been blocked by off-duty city police officers.

He said Sgt. Rick Mincey resides at Cummings Cove and "told me to find an alternate route to my land."

Mr. Perlaky said, "It seems like he has a conflict of interest."

City Attorney Mike McMahan told Mr. Perlaky he and police official Jeannie Snyder would meet with him after the meeting.

Owners of Cummings Cove are planning a major development on land atop the mountain and a new road is being built up the mountain in place of the old one.

Cummings Cove owners say many people go up the old road and destroy private property.
City Police Directed To Stop Off-Duty Work At Aetna Mountain Road
posted October 7, 2011

Chattanooga Police officers have been directed to no longer work off duty in patrolling Aetna Mountain Road in Lookout Valley.

Chief Bobby Dodd said in a memo: "CPD will stop the extra job at the Aetna Mtn/Black Creek Subdivision based on a recent court order and legal advice from the city attorney. This is in reference to the blocking of the Aetna Mtn access road."

Jeff Perlaky, who owns property at the top of the mountain above the Cummings Cove subdivision, told City Council members recently that officers had been blocking the road.

He said he was told by Sgt. Rick Mincey to take an alternate route up the mountain.

Mr. Perlaky said a judge ruled several years ago that the old road is a public road.

After the meeting, Mr. Perlaky met with City Attorney Mike McMahan and with police official Jeannie Snyder.
I've never been up there. I suggest riding the road soon while it is open. There is a good chance that once an alternate route is in place if it access all private property the 'old road' might be abandoned.
If they do shut down the subdivision access you can still access the mountain from the werock side. But you have to be a member. I think last time I checked it was $200 a year.
I have never really understood the Aetna Mountain thing. Is it privately owned, as in the entire mountain? Or are there others who own land on the mountain? If so, sounds like with the on-going battle it could lead to trouble...I would love to hit it up next year when my new ride is ready but am always a little leary of places like this. Don't want to be "that guy" and get a place closed by being in the wrong spot and especially don't want any fines associated with it.
its like Lucas RD in Cartersville GA.. Locals been going there for years.. but its powerline roads owned by GA Power.. They said its legal to ride there til GP decides to call the cops and get your rig impounded.
I heard Aetna is like that.. its legal til you get caught lol
its like Lucas RD in Cartersville GA.. Locals been going there for years.. but its powerline roads owned by GA Power.. They said its legal to ride there til GP decides to call the cops and get your rig impounded.
I heard Aetna is like that.. its legal til you get caught lol
thats not the case, as the cops at aetna mountain patrol the entrances and trails. If they were going to arrest people they would.
they are back open again

SATURDAY AUGUST 10TH, the first organized Aetna Mountain ride in a long time! Meeting at the Raccoon Mountain Caverns in Lookout Valley. Starts at 9 am until? This is a benefit ride for Helen Burns Sharp in order to help with her expenses in fighting the extremely questionable TIF concerning Aetna Mountain Road. Also contributions to the fire department would be welcome. Bring your family to the Caverns and Go-Kart tracks! All of the proceeds from the Karts and the majority of the proceeds from the Caverns will go towards Helen. Also, there will be parking for your trail rigs and trailers. If you have a street legal ride you can take the Aetna Mountain Road and if your ride is not street legal, another access road is being provided so that you won't have to get on the pavement! I would also like to suggest that we all take a garbage bag and bring it off full since it has been so long since the mountain has had much love or care! More info to follow and if you have question we will try and address it. Aetna Mountain is ALIVE, it has taken some time, but we are back! Just be sure and pick up trash and respect others, thanks! Aetna Nation decals will be available, too!