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Unlimited Red Wagon

Just making a place holder for now I will add more about the jeep when I get time. Trying to make it to the flats next weekend.
The wife and little one approve and are ready to go ride this spring.
I wasn't real crazy about how the tires and wheels looked.
So the first big update was new tires and jk wheels.
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That thing looked like a helluva deal. Surprised it didn't get snatched up quicker. I thought about buying it to flip but couldn't risk tying the money up in it right now.
That thing looked like a helluva deal. Surprised it didn't get snatched up quicker. I thought about buying it to flip but couldn't risk tying the money up in it right now.
Yea I was very surprised he still had when I went to look at it. I sent him a message before Christmas asking him questions about it and had wrote it off as I wouldn't have time to go look at it. Then me and my wife decided to take a last minute trip to Wilderness in the smokes water park hotel Christmas day. I called him that Sunday on the way home and stopped to look at it he was only 5 min from the Hendersonville exit. I guess being Christmas time everyone was busy if I would have been few hours later that day it probably would have been gone. I was there at two that day and someone else was coming at 4 so thankfully he took the cash I had in my pocket to hold it until I could get back up there the next day. He was supper nice guy and actually gave me more stuff than he had listed for it. I had the back of jeep slap full of stuff and the bed of my truck full.
Did you get those half doors? I looked back for them and couldn't find them.
Yea I went and picked them up the weekend of the flats ride. That was an adventure guys house was in the middle of nowhere. It took me 6 hours to get to the guys house cause it was wreck after wreck on 85. But they where worth the ride now it needs to warm up so I can use them. Waiting on my motor mount lift and new shroud and some other things to come in hopefully get to work on it this weekend. Are you coming up for presidents day ride at gulches?
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Pic from last weekend jeep did good for what it is managed to break the passenger front axle shaft. Also decided next I need to upgrade is the factory skid I got hung on a few times but I can't decided on Clayton or undercover fab.
I like the design of the clayton being it a two piece skid just wish it was aluminum. But I need to choose one or the other in the next week and get it ordered. I have a long weekend coming up in few weeks and I would like to install everything I ordered then.

need to install the:

brown dog motor mount lift

new fan shroud and over flow tank

new front axle shaft
what ever skid I decided on
Been little busy since Oscar but it's about time to start installing some of this parts pile.

Few parts I have snatch up for good deal last few months.

Start of the pile to upgrade the knuckles

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