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Ugly Drum Smoker

burned out the barrels last night with a bunch of cardboard I had around.


I also made the charcoal baskets, but somehow my phone didnt save the picture?
two racks. the first one is 7" below the top and the second is 13" from the top. You can see the bolts holding the racks above and below the temp gauge.
First time using the smoker. Need to get the temp control figured out but I ended up with a good product. Threw the meat on at 1230, had to add charcoal at 3:30 and flipped it over then came back an hr later and wrapped it in tinfoil and put in an apple juice liquid to steam in until I removed it completely when I got home at 9 probably. The rub was a little heavy for me but Melissa said she liked it.

Used a 3.75-4lbs boston butt and used a combo of lump and briquettes with some cherry chips I had laying around.


I may have jumped the gun at first bc the temp was only like 200 degrees and with my 3 bottom vents open it wouldn't go much higher then that until I added more coal then it jumped way up to like 300-350 so I covered two of the vents up and cut my valve back
I started my new smoker yesterday. 1/4 inch plate all around. Just the cook box itself without even full welding or grate, it must be over 100 pounds. This is gonna be a heavy pig :)
Post some pics. I am thinking about building me something pretty soon. It will likely be a pull behind unit though bc I do a lot of cooking at the lake rather than the house.
I was more or less just adding it to keep it going for sure while I was gone for several hours. I probably had maybe 5lbs of charcoal In there at first and felt like it had burnt a lot more of it then I expected when I checked on it. I'll can't remember what the bottom grate on my basket is but I think it's like 18.5" maybe. This was my first time using it and first time smoking on a charcoal fueled smoker so there is some learning to be had with the fueling of the fire.