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trailer spindles?

Do trailer axles that you buy utilize the 4" weld in spindles like you would buy separately to make your own axle?

My spindles on two of my axles from Trailerpart.com have had a bit of skew to them and I cant see how that could happen if the spindle was inserted 4" into the axle tube.

has anyone ever cut the spindle off of a trailer axle?
It may skew if the spindle and tube was not a tight fit. I use the weld on spindles with my trailers. The last axle i made i had to sand down the spindle a touch to go into the pipe, but it fit ral tight.
Actually thinknig about it, did you weld perches on the axles or did the place you got it from. Some axles have a bow to them to support weight and if you welded the perches on, maybe the bow was not at the top, thus causing it to be out of whack.
They have a predetermined camber on some models of trailer axle to accommodate heavy loads. I have seen shotty workmanship on assemblies as well.
To answer your question, yes and no!
I have seen some spindles mounted 4" deep and seen some 2" deep.
but they at least go in an inch you would say? I called and asked for another axle when I build the jeep tub trailer because I thought they spindles were bent because when you rolled the axle on the floor with the hubs not turning it would wobble...its hard to explain. I called to ask if they were supposed to have any camber or toe when I welded on the perches and they said no...well they sent me another axle and it was the same way. I was looking at it last night thinking about putting brakes on it and using it on the m416 and just wondering if I was better off welding up my own axle to be stronger and straighter.
The axle I bought for a trailer had a slight bow in it. Hell the whole bin of axles did. I asked the guy at Agri about it and he said the make them that way so when the axle is loaded it has some give. Not sure if its BS or not though but made sence.
the second axle is wobbly, but its not from the tube. Its from how the spindles are inserted into the tube...thats why I'm asking how far the spindles are inserted. I dont see how with a 4" deep spindle you could mess up the alignment.
thats my question. Are the pre-built trailer axles using the 4" deep spindles like we buy on the shelf? or do they use a shallower spindle.