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Trailer Build

This is a trailer i built. I started with a good frame built by greasemonkey and stripped it down to the bones. I shortened the axle to keep as close to the jeep track width as possible.


Went back with a steel floor and sides. 33x12.50x18's and four jacks for future roof top tent set up. I finished it up to haul coolers to the Landon jeep event. Now to strip it back down for bedliner and put a platform on the front for a cooler or gas cans.



If I remember correctly I built that frame of 1.5"x3" 14ga tube. Did that for ridgity to incorporate the adjustable tongue. Did you keep the tone adjustment, or weld it solid?

Looks great. You've put in some time on it.
I like the jacks tucked into the corners.
I kept the adjustable tongue. I'm going to add a platform on the front to put a cooler for some more tongue weight.
I always wanted to put a fold down cooler rack up front. Use it for cooler, propane tank, or whatever, but still allows for the tongue to be adjusted up really close if need be.

Lots of ideas, and little time to do anything!