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Tow rig upgrade.

I finally found a good deal on a 1 ton 4dr 4x4 dually today to replace my ever aging 90' F350. It only took 2 and a half years to do it! We had to drive all the way to Lexington, and it's a V10 instead of a turbo diesel, but it's only got 80k, and the flatbed is already there, and the price was RIGHT, so all in all I'm pleased.

For some reason the pic isn't showing Grady. But from the pic on Facebook, I like the truck for sure. A good flatbed with a big bumper up front is hard to beat!
I can see it on my end. I'll try it again. I'm copying the url and pasting it in the images box, if anybody has any advise on how to post it differently I'd appreciate it.
I guess I finally got the pic fixed, thanks Matt. George, I already picked a nice piece laying in the woods out for a frame, I just need some axles with brakes now!