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tire mounting

Where is a decent shop that can mount my 37s without scratching my rims??

I had scheduled an appointment at county tire to get them put on. Brought my truck up there at 9:30 am. Didn't hear from them till 5:15pm, and told me they weren't able to get it done. Like oh thanks for telling me now..I had called 2 times to check the status. One time they didn't answer. And the second time at 2 o clock they said they were getting it done. Not dealing with them again. Wasted my whole day.

Every other shop I call can't do 37s..Ive always taken my 35s to pope Davis and they do a great job. Never had one scratch but their machine can't do any bigger.

Took mine to tire kingdom last year to mount some 37s. Well they scratched the living S#@! Out of my rims. So they didn't charge me because I complained.

So anyone know of a shop where I can get it done at?

Try calling Sharpes Bp out here on hwy 321. They are pretty good country boys that might get the job done for ya. Ive used them for years along with my family also, Ive just never had a tire that big but give them a call ( I dont have #) should be either cola address or might be blythewood on hwy 321 winnsboro rd ( or fairfield rd I forget which). They are closed on Sundays but open rest of the week from 6am till 7pm. Ask for Joey (owners son, thats real good)
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