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Thoughts on getting a new battery tray

Hi everyone,
recently I bought an 04 TJ, and I am in process of customizing the thing for off-road. I am planning to install a winch and a cool light bar on top. Plus, I already have cool Pioneer speakers and subwoofer... So I am kinda concerned about the battery... Online I saw pictures of Jeeps with 2 batteries installed. So far, I think this is a cool idea, as I may hook up all extra things to one battery, and keep second one for ignition and mandatory things. And I'm wondering if anyone has got a 2-battery set up? Is it a good idea to split all electrical stuff into 2? Also, how do you place 2 batteries? Any extra equipment needed to keep these guys on place?


Don't. There are tons of companies that sell dual battery trays for a tj, but theres a lot more to it than that. You can't simply hook your accessories to a second battery because it will never charge. If you hook them in parallel, you double your capacity but you'll still drain both if you're using accessories without the engine running. I'm sure there's sophisticated wiring setups that can manage it (or a manual dual battery cutoff switch) but that just gets into complications you don't need.

Dual batteries add cost, weight, and complications. Just get a good single battery and don't leave your lights and stereo on all night.
Thank you for the idea, man. I actually thought of hooking 2 batteries in parralel, but you are right, it still won't eliminate the problem I was talking about, as still they may die both.... Plus, the setup is quite complicated, with extra wiring and installation of the battery tray (https://www.carid.com/battery-trays/). I'll think of it and probably will get one good battery instead of 2. Do not want too much hassle about getting 2 of them in...
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I ran dual batteries for a while. Giant hassle trying to do it on the cheap.

Currently I run just one battery and it is plenty. I've even winched with the engine off, no issues cranking right back up.

If you are concerned, then look at upgrading your alternator. A quick google search showed that a number of other Chrysler products can be tapped for a larger alternator. Seems like the jeep TJs either have an 86 amp or 117 amp alternator. Either way, there is a 136 amp bolt in. With the smaller alternator, that would be a 60-something% increase, while with the larger alternator, it would be a 16% increase.

Either way, if you already have the larger alternator, I wouldn't worry about it.

If you are still skiddish about it all, get one of those small jump packs. I wasn't a believer until we used it to jump a Rover V8 with a completely dead battery...twice...back to back (we had to stop for gas a mile up the road).

Look at the amp draw for all of your components. Biggest being the sound equipment. If it all totals to less than 20, I wouldn't worry about it.