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Things I splice...

I thought I would post up some pics of the things I make at the shop.

I started splicing some more kinetic recovery ropes this evening. Here are the raw materials.

They will end up looking like this.

With eyes like this.

Kinetic recovery ropes are available HERE.

Also repaired a winch line today that broke. The winch stuck on and the line broke where it bent around the fairlead. This was not a Southeast Overland line. I cut off the broken piece that you see at the bottom and started splicing in heavy duty thimbles to make a long extension.

Here is a thimble and eye splice finished.

Repair of synthetic winch line is available HERE. We repair kinetic recovery ropes also.

Some tools of the trade.

Spliced a new hook onto a Southeast Overland line that was a couple years old and well used but still has tons of life left.

Had this line come in. It was a 'budget' winch line and only had two light pulls on it but looked a couple of years old. The thimble was easily crushed, much of the line coating was gone, the taper was improper, and the bury was dangerously short. We installed all new heady duty hardware.

A completed winch line with a powder coated tube thimble. This thimble is our best selling thimble. It only costs $10 than a heavy duty regular thimble and is captive (tubular), so the winch line slides through the thimble and can't fall out. On a regular thimble you can work the eye splice to make the thimble come out.

Synthetic winch lines available HERE.

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A wholesale order going out. Truck winch lines and a snow plow line. These thimbles are the powder coated tube thimbles with a gusset welded in. The gusset gives the thimbles extra strength.

This double braid had seen better days. We cut off bad sections and added new eye splices.

And this is our splicing bench. We keep 12 strand Samson Amsteel Blue winch line in stock from 1/8" to 1/2". 3/8" is the most popular size for off road winches and has an average break strength of 19,600 lbs.

Here is another product I recently spliced.

A Southeast Overland tube saver. This is spliced out of 3/8" Amsteel Blue, orange color. It is used as an attachment point for a winch line to rounded surfaces such as sliders, bumpers, etc.

A pic on the splicing bench.

A pic on a slider in the shop.

These are available HERE.

Here are a few more things I've been up to lately.

Had a double braid (kinetic recovery rope) come in for repair.

We were going to splice an eye on one end but the line was compromised so after we would have cut off the bad part and spliced new eyes in the rope would have been pretty short.

Also had a winch line extension come in that the owner wanted converted to a winch line.

Here is the before.

Here is the after.

Now the "between the before and after" was interesting. The bury on the splice (in my opinion) was short. You see a 5/16" fid (short one) and a 3/8" fid (long one) in the photo. The taper was less than 1 3/8" fid long, and there wasn't any full diameter bury.

Also look at the taper. The taper should go from 12 strands of diameter down to around 2 at the end. This taper started off nicely going from 12 to 10 to 8 to 6 strands but the last 4 strands to be cut off were simply cut flush. It is better to have a nice continuous taper, not an abrupt end. I fixed all that.

Here are a batch of CV axle removal tools I spliced up this week. They are made out of synthetic winch line with a technical reported average break strength of 5,400 lbs. How I splice them and how they are used that will be lower but they are still very strong.

Instead of removing your CV axle with a pry bar (which often destroys the axle) or a similar tool to ours made out of metal cable (which is crimped or fastened with bolts that I've seen come loose or the cable break) use this tool to slide around the axle and noose down on the inside part, slip a hammer through the loop with the abrasion, and then "pop" the axle out by pulling the hammer.

The tool is very light and stores easily. They also are pretty affordable for a useful tool manufactured and spliced in the US.

Used and proven to work!

Find them HERE in the Southeast Overland WEB STORE.