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The franken Smoker

It has been a while since i had my last smoker. The first one was a 55 gallon drum and smoke box on the side. The grill area was a bit large and i was using alot of wood for only one small oven roast or boston butt. I sold it off and now i had some steel plate laying around and i decided it was time to make another.







I still have work to do on it. I need to finish welding the seams on the firebox, make a door and vent on door, grill area, tuning plates for the heat and the chimney. It is mostly made out of 1/4 inch plate for the main box. The firebox is a combo of what thickness plate i had laying around. I am going to add propane to it to help with longer cooking times for brisket. Cant wait to see some good smoke rings on my food.
Here it is in its glory.


I still need to paint it, but I cooked for the 4th of July on it. Knocked out a beef oven roast and a Boston Butt. Both came out excellent. The pork for some reason took FOREVER to finish. I had a maintained temp of 250 degrees for the cook. Started at 11:30. I finished the beef at 4:30 and the pork stayed in till 7. Then i put it in the oven for 3 more hours. The bone just didnt want to release, but after tearing apart the meat, the bone was massive in this cut of meat, much differnt than other times i cooked. The meat shredded fine except for the top portion it was just tough. Tasted good though.

I want to add propane to it and after reading i cant put it in the main cooking area because of problems with the lack of oxygen for the burner to work properly, and i do not have enough room for a burner in the offset box, so i am thinking bout making a second box on the opposite side and just put a burner in there for when i want to cook much longer.

The box did hold the temp good, but i only used oak so i had to keep up on it to keep the fire going, and it got tiring. All in all I am pleased with the beast. Now to plan a meal for next weekend.