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Take Advantage of this Forum

lets encourage everyone to take advantage of this forum so everybody can be in the know. Alot of people get left out on trips or just simple events because they arent around as much and get overlooked. If we all use the forum a good bit I think that could solve alot of that. So everybody pester Rich, Sam, Craig, Raymond and others who dont get on here too much. We can even make Taco use his new years resolution of using the computer at least 30 minutes a week to get online.


Well boys, looks like Lakeland's Offroad officially has a Palmetto Krawlers division. When do we get our checks? Have you mailed them already?
nice is brooks going to throw a palmetto krawler section under the lakelands tab on here like black sheep had under mcj on usjeeps? that would give u jeep guys a place to congregate and make fun of us toyota guys