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Synthetic winch rope


I've used the stuff that came on an engo and now have Olympus 4x4 http://olympusoffroad.com/. The engo was not coated in any way and the strands picked up debris, and some of the strands got pulled. The Olympus one has some kind of coating on it that makes it feel like a solid cable instead of individual strands, I like this much better.

If you like they're facebook page, they do daily auctions and you can usually grab their products at about half MSRP.

Or https://www.c4rsonline.com/ is a local company that does all kinds of recovery gear.
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I buy from Steve (Southeast Overland -> Now ->C4RS) for both my personal rig and at work for our big warns on service trucks, his products are good and reliable. He might give you a little price break if you mention ORSC, but wouldn't count on it. The guy knows what hes doing...