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Suggestions for a good glass place in Columbia?

Pretty much my answer. I have Geico and Geico has Safelite. And when I replaced the one on my wife's van few years ago, I made sure to check the box for the gradient tint model ;)
I called today, they said to do it through the glass company. She said pick any one I like.

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Safelite did a sloppy job on my Si in the parking lot at work. Just careless with the sealer and had some cleanup to do.

I used to always take my cars to a body shop my friends granddad owned and have the glass guy come to him. He watched them like a hawk and made sure they did it right. Unfortunately he's closed up shop.
I used Ace Glass on my wife's JK and they used OEM glass. Did good work. They called my insurance company and we filed the claim via conference call. I dealt with the 2 Notch location. Not sure if that makes a difference. One of the guys at work is good friends with the owner.

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