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Southeast back road maps

As the title says southeast back road maps I couldn't find a thread that had them all in one place. IF there is one I will delete this one. I'm looking for cool place to take the family to get away from the house for the day or weekend.

So my question is :
1.What if anything is everyone using to keep up with the maps and cool places you have been?

2. Favorite place to camp?

3. Favorite trail or dirt road with the best view?

I have been looking for the past week and have found many different trail maps and ways of tracking where I have been. What I come up with for me is bad elf GPS transmitter connected to my mini I-PAD ( given I have not got to use it yet) I have been playing with the Magellan TRX APP. There seems to be a lot of trails already mapped on it and labeled for northern part of SC and GA. I'm wanting to get some ridding in after things slow down in October and the weather cools down. Would be nice to have a list off cool place to go explore to get me started.
Good idea J-rodd. Have you ever been up to jumping off rock? One of if not the best view in this area. We will be doing a lot of exploring on Sundays this Fall.
Anyone ever used HEMA maps in the southeast?
I believe some of the regulars over at the iH8MUD forum have done some of these for some of the roads in the Jocassee Gorges area, or something similar.

I have neglected my map app knowledge due to a decent Garmin, but I came from the old topo quadrangles days...I'll have to see what works with my Android phone.
Magellan Trx work just like the program that comes on there new explorist trx7. Just read an article on it in the June four wheeler mag but down loading it was free and the transmitter I bought was like 100 bucks.