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Southeast Adventure Discussion

I've wanted to apply for UA since day 1 I can remember seeing in the magazines. After reading Kens report I'm wondering what we can come up with and stay in the southeast. Basically the way they did a lot of things and minus something's they did. I won't be staying in a hotel room. To me it's not limited to just pure wheeling. I'd like to see atleast a 5 day trip. They would allow for road days between say 3 parks. Let's Brain storm.


It would be pretty easy to string together some of the mild trails in NC and TN (Hurricane Creek, Bumpus Cove, Paint Creek) with Harlan and Windrock, but we've all done that.

Or, GA trails with Chocolocco and Morris Mnt.
I would be interested as well. Possibly provide some soft of "media type coverage" maybe get it published somewhere..
Interesting thought... Sounds like a opportunity for someone to start a "guide" service...
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Let me know Ken, my child will have been here a month by then so I should be able to slip away. Any idea what your thinking?

I might have to push to Oct 29-Nov 1 Thur- Sun.
Arrive wed night or early thur
Day 1 Private trails- 1hr drive to private campsite
Day 2 Scenic road day with a trail or two
Day 3 All day wheeling
Day 4 Road day with more wheeling

Cost for driver and passenger will be around 60$ camping and riding fees, 150$ for fuel (on the high side), and food.

Let me know if this needs to be moved.
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