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Silver JKU

Had this for about 2 years now. Just a bare bones sport that I put on a leveling kit, bumpers, winch, disconnects and some Rubicon takeoffs. Will probably need new tires within the next year, so looking to add some 33s and maybe a 2.5" lift. 21d87551b35c93b6f03d1c17f2e5d8db.jpg

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I have been really happy with the 285s in a falken flavor that I added to my similar setup. Although with the KM3s out now, it would be hard not to get some.
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Ordered the JKS 2.5 lift yesterday. Looking forward to the install this weekend. Wondering if I should leave a 1" spacer in the front to account for the weight of the winch and bumper.

that should be nice! With my bumper and winch I have a spacer in the front to level it out, but when I tow the camper i sometimes get flashed. My headlights must be aimed for a slight rake.
I think I'll see what it looks like without the spacer first and take some measurements. The bumper is relatively light, most of the weight is coming from the winch.
It was about $1200. I've had my eyes on it for a while. Seemed to be the most reasonable and complete kit with good reviews.

And yeah - plan on sticking with the 285s for now.
On the 2012+ JKs, the front driveshaft will boop the exhaust crossover at around 2" of lift. I ordered the TeraFlex exhaust spacers to mitigate that issue and a Rubicon Express oil skid plate.
I wish I measured them. With the frame on jacks, I lowered the axle and it was definitely making contact with a little more room to travel. The kit was only $50. I read mixed reviews of whether or not they're required, so held off on buying until the install.