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Shop Gantry/Jib Ideas

I am brainstorming something different than the standard engine hoist to pick stuff up. My limitations of my engine hoist are the usual, it needs to be a bit longer and the legs usually hit stuff when i try to push it under the vehicle.

I have a steel built garage. The side supports are pretty good size square tubing, but the rafter metal is kind of a joke, i would never hang weight from it. At first i thought about doing a A frame gantry setup but it is kind of bulky. I would like to do a jib setup that can pivot and stow to the side wall of the garage but i do not have the height for the support cable that holds the end of the arm up. I was thinking about having one side butt up to the wall support and be anchored to the ground. This will have a pivot point like a jib arm and an I-beam will pivot out and on the other end i will have a leg with wheels so it can roll on the floor as it pivots. That way i wont have a huge amount of weight put on the building support. I dont want a full on gantry setup because i will lose some space. With this setup i can spin the arm to the wall and secure it when not in use. Has anyone had experience in doing something like this?

Here is a crappy drawing

What have you guys done for a lifting setup that works for your projects?
Yeah, would basically be that, but with one side stationary and bolted to the floor and wall, and with a pivot on the ibeam to allow it to swing over to the wall to be secured when not in use.
Your stationary leg and pivot will need to be very ridged. Do you have a pad of cement in front of your shop that you can anchor it to? And I think you would need some sort of A frame at the leg with a wheel if not that wheel will shoot out from under it if the weight gets a little off center.