September 2-5 2022 - Labor Day weekend at the Cove

We discussed it a bit at the MCJ Club meeting in June. But lets get a plan together to ride the Cove and stay near Chattanooga over Labor Day weekend.

House is BOOKED, paypal the $195 per person to reserve your spot. I'll update the first post with who has paid.

Who all is interested?

  1. Brooks
  2. Emily
  3. Nick
  4. Nick's Rider
  5. Greg
  6. Kris
  7. Taylor
  8. Ro
  9. Wayne

  1. Jimbo
  2. Jeff

Tentative plan for the weekend:

Friday: Everyone arrives during the afternoon/evening. Dinner on the road or on your own. Prep for trail ride the next morning.

Saturday: Breakfast then head to the trail. Pack a lunch, it could be a long day of exploring. Explore the Cave and the river. Potential for floating break in the river.

Sunday: Breakfast then head to Ruby Falls? Escape Room sometime between 1 and 9pm. Distillery/ Brewery hang out and dinner.

Monday: Roll out in the morning to head home. Breakfast on the road?
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I started a group chat on facebook for this, I'll update the list of people as people update with me. If anyone wants to be involved please post up here and we can discuss. There are a number of houses available in the area that sleep around 10-12. We can hit up the cove saturday, and we could hit up a brewery or something on friday night. I'm thinking we can make a weekend out of it over the long holiday weekend.
I’m planning to drive mine to trail head if possible. It is tagged. Do you know if there’s a trail head for trailers just in case? Anyone else wanna trout fish while up there?