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Sept.5-7 weather and conditions

Park Conditions Sept 5-7 We got rain Wednesday afternoon so I believe the dust we created over the Labor Day weekend is gone. Now for this weekend exact weather is tricky. The rains seem to be coming out of the south. That means we might get it. We plan on opening all three days. Whether conditions will be okay for all vehicles may be the question. If we are wet and slick, first timers, stock rigs and street tires may not want to come out. Best bet for this weekend is to call before you leave and get exact conditions. 864 449 5698
Sept 5-7 Weather update. Today and Saturday look the best with now just a 20% chance of rain. Sunday may not be so good. We have gotten quite a lot of rain. Yesterday evening it rained all evening. Today we will be wet and slick. Saturday should be a little dryer. 864 449 5698