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Rides of Conover

I found Rides of Conover via NC4x4 and have to say that this is the only place I will buy tires from as long as I am within driving distance. Brandon (the owner) is a down to earth guy and is able to really get sweet deals on tires and rims as he moves a ton of them. They also do custom fab work, engine swaps, etc but I haven't had them do any work on either of my heeps. I've looked at some of their work ranging from a 5.7 hemi swap into a TJ, pimping out a new chevy 1500, to a crazy jacked up golf cart with a custom DOM roll cage.

My first expiereance with Rides was when I picked up my 5 each 40/13.5/17 treps for $325 a tire and had them mounted and balanced for only $10 bucks each.

When I was shopping for new tires for the jk, even though I didn't need them, I once again got ahold of Brandon. He was able to find me 5 each 37/12.5/17 km2s for $310 a tire, so needless to say this was deal I couldn't turn down especially as most of the larger distributors were having problems getting ahold of km2s in that size at the time.

In summary I always give Brandon a shout when I'm in the market for tires, regardless if its for one of the jeeps or for the tow pig. Brandon is extremely easy to work with and is straight up with you about what ever you are looking for. He also works with you if you are coming from out of town and makes sure he has the tires in the shop when you are coming to get them and is ready to hang them on your rims.
Oh i have just seen a few sets of "Bias" treps that looked just like the stickies, but were not...I havent seen many sets, but i have seen them on pirate for sale from time to time....