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Reputable Shop/Individual for SAS on my 4Runner

Hah! More like I have to play by the rules more than anyone lol!

Welp, that price didn't go over so well. No about to put 10G into just the front end of this thing. So, back to the drawing board.
I am sure that I can find a shop to do it cheaper. But I started really tallying up all of the little items that you don't usually think of and it just came back not feasible.

A local that has done a few yotas walked me through alot of the little details. And as a few stated, not really feasible.

I guess I will set aside money for a while and keep my eyes open for an FZJ80 that isn't beat to hell and back lol!
I couldn't hold my 4Runner together on 285s. Granted I'm fairly hard on stuff but my 80 took some wicked abuse and so do my jks. They just aren't packaged well to be a hardcore wheeler. Little ifs on mild tires moderate trails and camping they are great for. Anything bigger you're better off starting with another platform. An 80 is damn near bomb proof.
Was hoping for the best lol! Will just have to wait for the right 80 to come along. Will probably go for one that is already built to save some coin in the long run.