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Recommendations for OBD2 scanner

Last weekend on the poker run my Jeep just stopped running. Thankfully Rick and Larry both had OBD2 scanners and were able to clear the fault code and get me going again. So I decided to get one of my own the question is which one should i get? Any advice about ones to stay away from or ones to look at would be greatly appreciated.


Mine is a mid priced one I just picked up off the shelf in autozone many years ago. I like the idea of the bluetooth one like Brooks uses, except the unlikely situation where your phone doesnt work.

I'm sure anything you can get now is equal or better than what mine can do. It has some limited live data, a fairly comprehensive code set, and can clear codes.
I’ve used this in several vehicles and it has worked well. You will have to download an app. The listing has their recommendations.

I have this one and have used it on all of my jeeps, it has a lot of live data options. I used it for speedometer, temp, oilpressure, etc on the uwharrie trip last year.

I leaning more to the corded stile. Not real keen on the wireless thing. But thanks for the food for thought.