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Rear Pinion Yoke- HELP!

Hi all,

Sorry for the long post! I noticed a leak around my rear pinion in my 2003 Dana 44. After I pulled out the pinion yoke, I realized I needed to replace the yoke due to pits and grooves in the seal area. I ordered a new yoke using Dana Spicer part numbers, and when the part arrived, I noticed something strange. See below.


In the above picture, the old yoke that came off of the axle is on the left. The new yoke is on the right.

Notice on the new yoke, there is a "collar" attached to a shoulder on the yoke. The old yoke has no shoulder or collar. (See the Blue Arrows)

I made some measurements, and found some other differences.


In the above, you can see that the distance from the bolt holes to the end of the spline is different on the two yokes. The old yoke (again, on the left) is 3.30, while the new yoke is 3.0. However, the height from the shoulder to the of the splines on BOTH are the same (0.97). Also, the collar on the new yoke is 0.25. See below.


So, here's my question: If I install the new yoke and new seal, will the new yoke rub against the new seal and destroy it (via the collar)? If so, does anyone know where I can find a rear pinion yoke that matches the old yoke (as in, no collar)? Can anyone i.d. the old yoke or has one in good shape?

I've done a lot of research, and everything that I find looks like the new yoke, and I cannot find anything that looks like the old yoke that came off of the axle I have.

Any help or information on this would be greatly appreciated!
Looking at the yokes. one is threaded for a strap and bolts, the new one is for actual U-bolts.

The collar that is on the new one, would have a felt seal. Older jeeps had this, i am not sure if newer ones used them. It could be knocked off, it is just pressed on there.


So he could knock off the collar, and the driveshaft length would just be .25" longer, right? I don't know if I have any left from my sami or if I let them go with it, but I'll look when I get home tonight.
yes, he could knock the collar off and the seal surface would be the same length as the original one. The only caveat with that is, did Spice machine the surface like the rest of the yoke for the seat. i believe so, but am not 100% sure.

He will need to get Ubolts for the ujoint caps. it is a different style than the original yoke.

How deep is the grooves on the original yoke? It doesnt look that bad. you could get an emory cloth and smooth it out
The seal surface is not the same, there is a shoulder under the collar. In addition to the groove there is a pit right where the seal surface is.
it looks like a yoke for a different application. I replaced the yoke on my d44 which used to look like your old one, with one for Ubolts and it looked the same other than the Ubolts holes not being threaded. I would call Carolina Driveline discuss with them. I'm sure they can get you exactly what you need.
Ok I found one on a 89 Cherokee at pull a part from a Dana 30 that all the specks match just .25 shorter than my original. I going to use it for now and keep looking for a better match.