Rear Bumper and Swingout Parts Resources

I recieved the Latch from Polyperformance. Boy that thing looks sweet! I look forward to working with it. I'll take some pictures and post up.
So I ended up getting the comp 4x4 hd hinge, receiver hitch, and their tire mount plate. I got the synergy latch kit from poly performance and I picked up the stop kit from bersrk on jeep forum. This was e first time I have ever used exclusively 1/8" tubing on the swing out. I had planned to use Dom but the logistics of getting it bent killed the deal. I can now open my hardtop glass and the swing out will hold itself open on a hill. I'm really happy with the synergy latch so far and I would say its worth the cash. It took some tinkering to get it to work smoothly but now that its dialed in its great. The carrier is rattle and wiggle free. Here are some pics.








I would say the only thing I would change is putting the spring loaded pull pin for the latch on the left side. I did it on the right to avoid moving my light.