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Rampage Bowless TJ Top Review

I know several folks on here run these but every time I asked I seemed to get very little response.

It was time to replace my half top so I went with the Rampage simply for price first and looks. I hate a factory soft top look and the Bestop version of the Rampage is $250+ more.

I ended up with the Sailcloth material top for $390 shipped to the door.

First off, I am not disappointed with the quality of the top so far. It seems to be better than some of the reviews and equal to most. It's no high dollar top but overall I am satisfied with quality and fit/finish.

The install instructions (what man reads those anyway) suck. Get on Youtube and watch them do it. They will make it seem way easier than it is I promise. There are some tricks I learned putting it on and next time it won't be too bad. I figure it will stretch a good bit and should get easier to put on. From taking the old top off and putting new one on total time I had about 45 minutes in it. If you had an extra hand you could do it in much less. Like I said a new top is always harder so after it gets broken in some I figure I will be at about the same time as my old half top (15 minuteish).

As far as road noise I am happy with it. I haven't made a long trip yet but when I got it finished up I went down the road and got up to 55 MPH which was the point the old top made the most noise. It seems to be a good bit quieter than my half top but obviously does have a little noise. Not as bad as I had heard though. I will update that part the more I drive it.

I am curious as to how water tight it will be. There are a couple of spots that I question the engineering... Guess time will tell.
^ that's what I want. I miss driving a jeep everyday. Looks good.

I've put on several new soft tops and only lesson I learned was put it on in the sun and heat bc it's a big ol bitch if you don't.
This first top i got after my factory top fawkd up was a pavement ends, and man was that thing a pile of crap. I put it on at the beginning of march when i was in high school and after struggling so much i used a hair dryer to help it stretch.
After the ride to work this morning, happy to report the road noise is minimal. Keep in mind I am comparing it to a half top. At 60+ MPH it had minimal noise. Obviously the tire noise (mud tires) is loud but as far as top noise it is much better.

For a comparison, typically at those speeds on the way to work I have to listen to talk radio at a 30-35 volume setting on the radio. This morning I was able to keep it where I am at in town 20-25.

Will update again as it wears and when it decides to rain again.
Mine leaks like a sumbitch if its at an incline down hill on the driverside. It's always done that, but does it worse since i tweaked the tub and the door don't quite shut right.
I had this top on my TJ several years ago. Hella bang for the buck and it held up great for me. The only complaint is do NOT try to put this top on when it's cold. By cold, I mean under 65 deg. Your zipper(s) will break. They warrantied the zippers and covered overnight shipping both times but be warned the top is very very snug when cold.
I made the mistake of getting a pavement ends top 2 years ago, wind noise above 40 is god aweful, the zippers on the back window have broke on one side.
I've had experience with both brands.. They both have they're advantages.. Rampage is great be less expensive, like pocked up front and a place to put the windows when you have them off.. The bestop is a little more expensive but it actually uses some hardware and is a lot more solid to the jeep IMO. But doesn't have window storage.. Just my 2 cents.. Top does look good though!

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