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Questions about small local trails found on Google maps

Didn't found any suitable topic so decided to create new.
I found this place in Central - 812-916 Madden Bridge Rd. Central, SC 29630, under power lines, on G. maps, it looks like a lot of people are riding there from time to time, it is not something big, but can be used to try out car after some mods before putting it on real trail without the need to drive for hour or two. I have driven past this place few times and didn't noticed any no trespassing signs or what so ever, does anyone knows if it is OK to drive there.:confused:
One more place in Central 178 Mabel Ln., Central, SC 29630, trail goes into woods and seems like it can be also used to check out the car or to get it dirty in the evening when you get borred from classes on the way home.
Only way around that is to own the property that thepower company has a right of way across, or have permission from the owner of the property. The majority of the lines in sc are owned by the power company, or have a lease with no end date. That type of lease goes with the ownership of the property as it changes hands.
The power lines in the Columbia area are owned or under lease. SCE&G's security has patrolled the high traffic areas, and have the ability to arrest you, or charge you with trespassing. They are a private police force, and I have had a few run ins with them. We owned the property, they only had a right of way, but they still caused us a bunch of ****! It's best to stay away.
Finaly remembered to post what I have found on close inspection of the second place. It all gated, trail are visible but on private property:pissed: