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Question about Earl's Ford road

Hello all,

The wife and I were out exploring back roads this weekend and we ended up on Earl's Ford road on the Georgia side of the Chatooga river. It was a nice trail with several good camping spots and a water crossing near the end of the trail. Fun trail+water crossing+good camping generally means illegal. Is anyone familiar with this trail and the legality of it? Thanks in advance.
From what I've researched the road is legal but the actual earls ford is not. You have to cross it to get into sc apparently and it's Georgia dnr you have to worry about. How was the road other than that? Good views or anything? Been wanting to go
Not really any views, but a nice ride in the woods and there appeared to be other offshoot trails from the road that we didn't check out. The water crossing is actually before you get to the ford, after the crossing there is another short section of trail and then the ford, which we didn't attempt to cross. On the South Carolina side it is blocked off and you have to walk about a half mile to get to the river, which is why I figured it had to be illegal to drive down there on the Georgia side, but there weren't any signs or barriers.
You have to cross Warwoman creek to get to Earl's ford and as far as I know it is legal. I kayaked Warwomen about 12 years ago, good scenery. Check out Sandy ford from the Georgia side while your in the area nice beach at the river. There is no real vehicle access from SC side because of the 1/4 mile corridor thing.