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Power Steering Pulley Install

Anyone ever had trouble installing a pulley on to a power steering pump? I tryed to tap it on with a hammer, i now no that was the wrong way. Returned it and got a new pump. Tryed to press it on and had no luck. Not wanting to ruin the new one, i took it to a mechanic shop. 20 minutes later they hand me a broken pump. Now at least Im not paying for it, but idk what is up with these things???? It cant be bad luck because i won 50 bucks on the Alabama vs LSU game saturday night lol
Is it an aftermarket smaller diameter pulley you're trying to put on or just a replacement stock? I've never messed with taking one off before.
I bought a ps pump pulley tool from oreillys when I was pulling the pulley off of my factory pump to stick on my psc pump. The tool made it super easy and took a whole 10 mins or so from start to finish. Just remember when your pressing the pulley on that the side with the indent on the shaft goes towards the front.
There are tricks to the trade.
Bring it to me and quit stressing!
BTW: knowing how to use the PS pulley tool right is something that escapes mechanics as well, so I see guys do the same damages, should be a simple 10min job.