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Park Conditions 7/18-20

Park conditions and weather 7/18-20 Not real good as of today Thursday the 17th. Weather sites have the rain chances from 40% to 80% for Saturday and the same or worse in some sites for Sunday. If you are planning on coming from a long way I would say pick another weekend. Locally we will have to call it each morning. We have a night ride scheduled for Saturday night. That may not happen either. This will be an absolutely call before you drive out here weekend. 864 449 5698
7/ 19 update. The night ride is cancelled for this Saturday. Although we have not received any rain as of today Friday 6:30pm. They are still calling for 60 to 80 % chance for Saturday. It is hard enough to get rigs out of the park in daylight when it rains I do not want to take the chance at night. We will try to open Saturday at 10 am but I advise you to call before your drive out here. If it is raining in the morning we will close for the day.