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Paddling Saturday

Anyone want to paddle saturday?

I'm looking at a few options currently. Would probably just make a day trip out of it.



with the rain we have gotten recently, the flow should be good this weekend.

I need a shuttle buddy. Emily and I dont want to each drive a jeep up there.

I would also be in for something on the Tyger River or others.

Anyone interested?

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sorry to leave you hanging, work has been super busy.

So the water levels look great for that area, but because Jimbo Backed out we aren't limited to the central Saluda. I'm seriously considering the Upper saluda near greenville now. it looks to be a bit more interesting...



Chris and Jeff, my mom and david are in again. Last resort we can hit the central saluda this weekend, but I would like to hit one of the two in the links above. Probably the Dolly Cooper Park to Piedmont, SC.

I just saw this.
I'll wait till the Saluda trip.

I actually had to hear up my kayak, and pound a few dents out of the rear. While I had a blast last weekend I realize the rapids were hard on my kayak. It's not really for any Swift water. It's an angler\sup hybrid meant for smooth water, and not reinforced for banging around the rocks.
I may be going to chapin to check out the store going out of business... I will have a boat soon...
Good luck! That guy has cut huge deals to some, and doesn't bother to show up for others.
I suggest contacting him, and making sure he knows you are planning on coming, and he's planning on being there.
I drove out there one weekend and he didn't show up, so I was pissed!
had a great time on the Saluda up near greenville saturday. Looking forward to the next one. Chris posted some good pics on facebook. Maybe he will share here.