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Oscar1 pics!

Well finally maid it to the house and got everything unloaded and the yota washed i post all my pic later tonight i probably have around 75 so it might take a min


Huge thanks to Brooks, Greg, Cole, and everybody else who had a hand in organizing this. It was awesome, great food, great weather, and tons of good wheeling. It was nice to finally put faces to the forum names. The videos will be a couple days to get uploaded and posted.
Had a great time. Not so much fun cleaning up afterwards though. I think a tornado hit the inside of my shop last week. Or it looked that way when I started cleaning this afternoon. I have very few pics but I'll throw em up this week


It was a blast. Saw and met alot of good folks. The cleaning will begin tomorrow and should be done in about three weeks or so. Looking forward to it.




JK Neal "after lunch"



These JK guys have a pure dissrespect for the body...lol


Jay gittin' it on Lil Jager



George scarin the **** out of Kenny on the last ledge at Mason Jar


Deano showing off the best carb I have ever seen in a Yota

Todd burnin down the Pro Comps coming up beside Your Turn. Hate he rolled the Scout Wed. night before he was gonna load it up for OSCAR...


Gillis flop on Big Perm. This trail is rough on equipment for sure! This weekend was my first trip out the top.


Burnin oil with LR on the way back to Greenwood.
OSCAR 1 Pictures and Videos

I want to thank all of you for coming out to Harlan with us for the first OSCAR! I had an absolute blast. The weather was Great, the Trails were fun and the People were Crazy. There were plenty of broken parts and dents, and I think everyone came back with a few stories to tell. Lets post up pictures and Videos in this thread so we have them all in one place. Damn what a Trip!!