OSCAR-9 April 23-25, 2021

I'm not sure what the situation with COVID will be, but I'd love to plan to do this. Would you think the Food Truck would be ok with the most people still? Who knows what the spring will bring. Large groups are surely still frowned upon.
Most of the cabins were already booked by non participants. Hell they lost my reservation. I've never wanted to go wheeling so bad in my life. Mason Jar looked nuts in August, ready to see what it looks like now. Looked like everyone had been going in from an alternate route through the trees on the left to avoid sliding down the left side. I didn't even know there was another entrance.
I'm itching to get out there, I guess we already have shirt designs, I can get them printed, and we can setup a registration for the event to include the shirts and we can get the food truck out there again. I haven't reached out to any of the vendors or sponsors this year as I'm still not sure whats up. Seems like most other events this spring have been postponed, but I'd like to at least get out there and go wheeling.