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Oscar 7 Swap Meet Thread


Anyone want these 1 ton TRE’s for $20 at Oscar 7? One shank is slightly bent but I would image totally usable. That’s how I ran it at least. Not used for very long at all.
2 rights and a Larry

Yard Sale:

Rancho 2" TJ rear coils $50

And a JK 1.75" Daystar lift kit for $75

Engel 25 Blue Cooler in Great shape with Basket and divider $135

I can deliver to OSCAR



Gen-Right TJ tire carrier. Extendable to mount on B pillar shoulder harness bar and C pillar crossbar. Instead, I made this bar that bolts into TJ tub that you can mount it to if you 86 your tailgate. Pic in my build thread on this site. Don’t expect nice fab work on the bar that I made. I sleeved and plug welded my old windshield bars to make it. I’m am not a fabricator and this was the first thing that I ever welded in my life lol. The actual tire carrier fab work is perfect. I love the setup but I also love my tail gate.