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OffroadSC Annual Ride #OSCAR9 April 24-26, 2020

Putney had a system crash so if you reserved by phone or in person you should call to confirm your reservation. 606-573-9009
WHOOP WHOOP! I spoke to Nick a bit, we will be bringing back the OSCAR Challenge this year!

Things that need to happen:
Book the food with the vendor
Design Shirts
Order Shirts
Design Stickers
Order Stickers
Order Banner
Setup Registration Bags

setup ride schedules (and trail leaders?)
Too early for me to commit but I will definitely be there and if anyone needs trail info I will gladly lead them in the right direction. Plan to be in the CJ this year, and am currently focused on that goal. If work can be normal for three months there’s a solid chance of it happening.
I will be glad to lead a group. Also I want to sponsor the wrong way challenge again. Even though I didn't see it last year, I heard it was a hit. (pun intended, lol)