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OffroadSC Annual Ride #OSCAR7 April 27-29, 2018



Brought to you by Clemson 4wheel Center and OffroadSC.com

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Thursday April 26th
- Trail Rides Throughout the Day

Friday April 27th
- 8:00 AM Registration Tent open @ Main Cabin
- Trail Rides Throughout the Day
- 1:00 PM Group Picture Location TBA

Saturday April 28th
- 8:00 AM Registration Tent open @ Main Cabin
- Trail Rides Throughout the Day
- 12:00 Noon Lion’s Den Clean Sweep
- 7:00 PM BBQ DINNER @ Putney Pavilion

Sunday April 29th
- Last Day to pick up Shirts and Packets. Last call at 10AM.

Registration will open 2-26-2018 and there will be a discounted rate for the first week using Coupon Code OSCAR7.


For the record, and for future reference, I had reserved all of the cabins for OSCAR6 before the event so that people could call and mention OSCAR and reserve a cabin for themselves.... It didnt reserve any this year as they were all booked when I went to try. But I think I have figured out all of the cabins.

Cabin 1 - Linda's Bear Lodge - Registration Cabin FULL - Faith M

Cabin 2 - Sleeps 8 in Bunks - FULL George W

Cabin 3 - Sleeps 5 FULL - Faith M

Cabin 4 - Sleeps 5 FULL - Tucker H

Cabin 5 - Sleeps 5-6 FULL - Taylor C

Cabin 6 - Sleeps 8 - Dial, Dials Dad, Dick B, Wayne, Wayne's Rider, Will W, Ryan P, Ryan P Rider

Cabin 7 - Emily's Elk Lodge - Nick A

Cabin 8 - Pappy's Coal Miner - Matt B

Cabin 9 - Rooster's Nest - Sleeps 5-8 - Jimbo, Dale, Jeff, Sam

Cabin 10 - Sleeps 6 Full - Bill C

Cabin 11 - Deer Lodge Sleeps 12 - Rob Eldridge
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Can't wait!!!

My dad, myself, and maybe a plus one would like to swap into a cabin with a kitchen this year if possible.

Also, I usually carry my grill with me on the trails, so if we ride in the same group, you'll be welcome to use my grill on the trails. Just shoot me a text or PM first so I can confirm my plans with you.
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We will have bag lunch signup included in the registration this year so you can get your breakfast and lunches taken care of and pick them up in the morning before trail rides.
Just went online to rent a camp site for a camper trailer. Harlan camp grounds@Putney trail head is booked solid.
I had to wait 2 weeks until I got paid, now no open sites.
Mother #$%@+&$*:>[|%-+<]|=[})*
I swear this always happens to me!
Unless anyone knows another camp grounds on the Putney side, I'm checking on South Everts now.
I call up after I read this and was told the same thing. But it’s for campers, he did say he had tent camping on a first come bases.
Yeah, when I contacted them, I got the same answer. Primitive camping is first come first serve.
It sucks, but I got a spot reserved for the 26-29 in the Everts South camp. I'm not gonna drive all the way to KY and be betting on me getting there first. That would undoubtedly turn out poorly!
I called last week and was told the same thing. The person I talked to said I could camp in the field so I'm just gonna roll the dice and make it work. I did get on the cancellation list for a site though.
I’m going to take a chance and try and get a primitive campsite if not I’ll be sleeping in the truck

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