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New to the Forum

New to the forum, life in Six Mile. I offroaded some 30 years ago, I drifted away from the sport. Now that I am retired, I was looking for a group like yours. I purchased a Chevy 4X4 Silvarado Z71 which is my daily driver and project truck. Wife has an LT 4X4 silivarado but I am pretty sure she will not be driving offroad with it. She breeds Labrador Retrievers and trains them. Her offroad driving is competition hunt test for the dogs, She has gotten her old Toyota Tacoma and dog trailer stuck. Her Tacoma only had Lockers, This is the reason we got her a real 4X4, not to take anything away from the Tacoma 4X4 drivers. Anyway, its my hope to join you on the trails and bring her and my daughter with me. I know they will get smitten by the Offroad Bug, then she will want to drive my truck....ha ha. She does not want to scratch or ding her Silvarado. My daughter who is 12 going on 24 has a quad cycle and rides it like a bat out of Hades.

As for me, good company, a camp fire, a good truck and the moderate offroad trail is all I need. No crazys for me any more too many back and neck injuries.
"There are fun rides and places to explore all around South Carolina that dont require tearing up your truck"

Do we have a list of these places on the Forum? Not at all familar with the not tear up your truck places.
I don't know that we have a list. Take a look in the ride reports section. Thats a good place to see what people have done and get an idea of the terrain involved.