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New park opening

Just googled the location....now I give even fewer ducks....cool new places are popping up but until they are closer than six hours I just can't bring myself to get excited. 1 or 2 big wheeling trips a year make it tough to justify.
Its still good for the sport seeing more parks opening.... u don't care much for the rock bouncers either because my turd got no balls.. gets more people out there building rigs and what not

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It sucks nothing in our area can get opened or make it. Also a shame Gulches is only 80 acres. If it was about 4-500 of the same terrain I wouldn't be worried about other places...
The roads we rode Saturday in the poker run just opened my eyes to what COULD BE if someone had the land in that area or the state wasn't completely against us. The terrain up that way is very similar to what you see in Harlan and Windrock other than much prettier.