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New Offoard Park in the Upstate?

They are working on Permitting now and have been for a while. Sounds like they are trying to get their act together before trail cutting and opening the park for real.

Their best bet would to be to design the trails so that they are less likely to erode from the getgo, rather than trying to implement erosion control measures after the fact.
What is the name? What is the nearest town?

500 acres sounds promising! Lots of room for trail expansion and camping. I tell ya what, camping way back in the woods would be super cool.
Terrain looks alot like hush hole although i know it's different land.

Brooks do your magic and get us up there to help out. David said chad and gilbert went up there yesterday too.
there is an open ride up there again this sunday. im riding out there with gilbert and DJ may be bringing his dirtbike. i was out there last sunday and the land has lots of potential. the trails havent been run in 5+ years so the people putting it together just want people to come out and ride the trails to knock down the dirt and leaves.
my co pilots backed out for windrock so I am def in for this. Where exactly is it? Ill be coming from Greenville. What time yall getting there?