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New IFS ultra 4 car from axial

they are in stores now and shipping from retailers. There are a lot of people with build threads on RCC about theirs. Looks to be a pretty cool rig, if there was a serious ultra4 class around here I would sell one of my rigs and buy one.
giggity... Gotta paint the hood and replace top on jeep though. Then finish the shop... Guess toys are out for this year...haha
429.00 shipped from RPPHobby. Brushless and can handle 3s out of the box.
Is that with controller and ready to roll? Can't pull it up on my school computer. I might get one... Jeep won't be good for a while with how busy I am for the 2 months so need something to dig with.
My suggestion would be pickup a new deadbolt for $250 rtr and come out to some of the comps, and you can still run it in the ultra 4 series in the 1.9 class