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New diesel swap option



I expect it to be pretty expensive, probably along the same lines as an LS1 connect and cruise package ;).

But seriously it's cool that they're offering the repower package and it could make a neat swap. I'd put one in Frank!

The problem with diesel engine swaps is you have to be planning for the diesel from the start. Consider a Samurai, since thats what i have experience with. If you have a stock motor Sami with 6.5 case and 5.38 gears, and decide to do an engine swap, you go with a 1.6 16v and you have power from 1,000 rpm - 7,000 rpm. If you do a vw diesel, you only have a redline of say 3,500 rpm. You can only spin the tires half as fast in each gear. To get wheel speed back, you need to regear to 3.73/4.10 and swap in a 4.16 or 4.9 case.