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NAXJA Fall Flog returns to Tellico.....

Looks like a good time. Trying to plan my october now, this would be a cool option.
Yea the SEC NAXJA chapter does two events a year. The Crawl in July which I have been attending sense 2002 and the Flog in the fall which I have never been able to attend. You are welcome to come up IDK how many actual NAXJA guys will make it. Some people are bashing DT on our forums and most of them are my size. I'd love to see some of you guys show up and wheel with you. Anyone is welcome to join us!
It's the same weekend as the tennis ball event at Gulches. I'll most likely be doing that unless someone buys the Sami.
I saw pictures of that last year it looked interesting.. I'm supposed to be going to Gulches on Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to that too!