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Mountain bike riding

I ran across this guy selling a Ti el mariachi with a 27.5+ set up and really like it, i need a longer travel fork to continue riding how I do.

Y’all set up a day and place to ride and I’ll be there huffing in the back.

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Ti-frames are a big question mark. I have a few friends that ride them. One is a stiff rocket ship SS and the other one was flexy and broke 2-3 times. It’s spent more time getting shipped back in a box more than he has riden it.
Sounds like you need my Reeb lol

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Deano how do you feel about carbon bars/seat posts? Worth the extra coin or no?

No experience with anything carbon and done some reading. Don’t care about weight really curious more on the ride that some say is better. Talked with someone the other day who has carbon nextie wheels he says he regrets buying by how stiff they are. I don’t know if I could tell the difference.

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It’s hard to say. I think there is a dampening plus to carbon bars. Seatpost for me is just shedding weight.
I don’t know why the guy didn’t like the carbon wheel because of stiffness because that’s the only reason to buy them. There’s alum wheels out there with the same weight. I bought a brand new set of I9’s a few years ago and that’s where my money would. Towards a wheel set, that the biggest smiles for miles purchase you can make. Like I said those Wide Lightning’s are hard to beat, I don’t plan on dropping a grand on i9’s anymore, other wheels have closed the gap on them.

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Any recommendations on knee and elbow pads? Despite riding for 20 years or whatever, in 2017 I fell twice and royally ruined my knee...both times. Basically put me out for half of the year for riding. I'd rather be made fun of for wearing extra gear instead of limping around for 6 months. I got about $75 worth of amazon gift cards for christmas, so I'm willing to spend the money for quality.
Dang, how did you fall? Did you change setup or front tires?

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The first time was out at Park City. On some desert trail. Just took a turn too tightly and fell on the inside of the trail. Super stupid.

The second time, I have no idea. I was hauling down the trail and then in the blink of an eye, I'm on the ground with my bike on top of me, and in shock. All I could do was drop F bombs. It really...really...hurt. Limped the 2 miles back to the car. Somehow, something caught the front tire and threw me.
It’s been a while since an update on here, over the last two years I haven’t been riding hard as much as I would like, but I have started putting a good many miles in with my now 6 year old daughter. We have been doing 5-7 mikes every day for the whole quarantine and before that about 5-7 about 2 times a week. I’m trying to fit a ride in on most days for at least 30 minutes. Was looking forward to hitting some trails in Moab but this whole cornteen issue popped up.
Anyway, worthless without pics :