Moab, UT and Colorado Area Wheeling. 6/16 - 6/28/2021

I wanted to extend a invitation to anyone interested in joining myself and a small group planning to head out west in June. Several people (my wife included) are school teachers and have very limited vacation days during "ideal" weather out there. This time of year we expect a high in the mid/low 90s in Utah and the mid 70's in Colorado. We are settled in on these dates. We have taken some of the things we learned/discovered from out first trip (2020) out and drafted a plan for this trip.

6/16 - Depart Columbia/Lexington/Leesville area - Travel to Little Rock
6/17 - Travel to Albuquerque
6/18 - Arrive in Moab

6/19 - Top of World / Moab Rim
6/20 - Hell Revenge area / Fins
6/21 - Arches
6/22 - TBD / ?Trifecta (Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike, and Gold Bar Rim)?
6/23 - Clifhanger / TBD
6/24 - Depart Moab for Ouray
6/25 - Engineer or Black Bear or something
6/26 - Depart Co, Noon for Albuquerque
6/27 - Little Rock
6/28 - Home.

Last trip out we did not want to spend the extra time traveling out so we did much longer travel days. We (truck/trailer/crew) have decided we wanted to set a daily objective to reach each travel day, while still being somewhat flexible. We will have several JL's being driven out.

This isn't an official MCJ Trip, but all are welcome to join us. We aren't handling any group lodging arrangements or really any travel arrangements. But would love to extend the offer to anyone interested in tagging along. I would highly recommend if your interested that you have some wheeling experience as our tenured spotters, as of now, aren't going and that you have a reliable tested rig. Moab is a long ways from home to spend days working on your rig.

But for reference, My jeep (coined tiny tires during out trip) on aired down 31-32s did everything i wanted to tackle with relative ease back in September.
We have a guy wanting to go with his razor, but he hasn't recruited a passenger yet. He may have trailer room if someone wanted to take a sxs along or just copilot. Let me know i will put you in touch... he is basically on the fence if nobody goes to keep him company he's not going. Cool guy, little younger than me.. Paint and Body guy so he isnt a idiot.