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Mild 2 Wild Customs

I have a long history with Mickey at Mild 2 Wild and had some work done by him. I recommend his shop.

Overall, did excellent work at a good price. For "off road" custom modifications or just un-jacking up something, did a good job.

Will say though, be "proactive" on calling them as they didn't call me when it was ready. Truck sat there for another week before I was told it was ready.

Also dropping off a rig there, it will be there for an extended period of time. My rover was in his care for about a month or so. He doesn't do "come over and I'll get this done while you wait" kinda deal nor does bolt jobs.

Work was fairly clean, not happy with one thing but that can be fixed later on down the road (steering cooler placement). Otherwise, his repairs and upgrades were done properly and look good.

Outside of my truck, I've shot 2 of his vehicles for the magazine directly (couple more on trail rides). All his work is clean.

If I ever get off my dead butt for a coilover conversion, will probably have him do it.
Oh, forgot to mention (as per the rules):

Work done last fall. Forgot the month but want to say, like November-ish. Had him un-cluster my power steering. He modified a part of the chassis so that the drag link doesn't rub against the chassis. Also new pump, ran the lines AWAY from the exhaust manifold (capital idea!) and added a power steering cooler.

Mild 2 Wild is located in Powder Springs, GA. West of ATL.