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Memorial Day Weekend 2018


Not much. Had to work four dance recitals for my wife this weekend and have to work tomorrow. Missed out on a set of blues for 700 on Craigslist. Did one of y’all get them?? Probably you Harvey.


4 39’s with rims. 1 brand new. Assuming they were blues. Exactly what I needed to get mine outta the weather. I hate I missed it.


Pretty productive day. Got the boat steering back together and made the next big step in engine swap planning. Morris 4x4 had the advance adapters 4l60 to np231 adapter cheaper than anyone else, plus 10% off and free shipping. And, they have 15% off and free shipping on crown products, so placed a separate order for sye.
With the weather being so touchy we decided to just treat it as a normal weekend with a bonus day. So far the weather has been perfect and we've wished we were at the lake. Wifey and daughters had a girls date while the boys and I spread mulch yesterday. We all hiked this morning and had a family member's graduation deal this evening. I got to watch the Indy 500 for the first time in years. We will see what the weather brings tomorrow, but I'd like to celebrate Memorial Day by buying tune-up materials for the diesel compact tractor and tinkering with the hand-me-down lawn tractor to see if I can get it running. The way the weather is looking I'm more likely going to spend the day breaking up kid fights and changing out Disney movie DVDs.